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How To Make Any Room Feel Brighter, Folkers Windows
How To Make Any Room Feel Brighter

So many houses have one room that is too dark; it’s not inviting and everyone stays away from it. Maybe it doesn’t have many windows or the windows are too small for enough light to get in. Whatever the reason, it’s time to fix your dark room. And with a few simple changes, you can transform it into a bright…

Why You Should Tint Your Home Windows
Why You Should Tint Your Home Windows

The latest trend in home window technology has been around for a long time, but is recently surging in popularity due to its security benefits, environmental advantages, and aesthetic value. Window tints were once unsightly dark films that impacted a home’s curb appeal. However, nowadays window tints have improved greatly and are available in many different styles. These styles range…

Folkers Is Here To Help, My Father's Arrows
Folkers Is Here To Help

My Father’s Arrows We’re one of the most trusted home improvement companies on the Gulf Coast because we do a great job on every project. We’ve even got 200+ testimonials to prove it!”. Recently, My Father’s Arrows contacted us. They are a community-driven, faith-based orphanage located in Jay, FL. They needed new windows for one of their buildings and we…

Folkers Is Here To Help, Hurricane Sally
Folkers Is Here To Help

Hurricane Sally Folkers is dedicated to providing the best possible service on every job, regardless of size. Recently, Hurricane Sally put our hard-working employees to the test and they excelled (as they always do). No one expected the devastation we received from Hurricane Sally, but Folkers is still here, helping homeowners and businesses get back on their feet as fast…

Can Impact Windows Help Lower My Power Bill?
Can Impact Windows Help Lower My Power Bill?

If you live in the greater Pensacola and Mobile areas, you probably already know why impact windows are important. You are aware of how many hurricanes and tropical storms hit our area year in and year out. You also know how impact windows stop projectiles from being launched into your home by a hurricane, tropical storm, or tornado. It also…

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