Historic Wood Windows

Restore, Rebuild, or Replace

At Folkers, we understand the importance of preserving your home’s unique character as well as the architectural significance of historic wood windows and doors. We are pleased to offer unparalleled options for historic wood windows, from repairs through complete rebuilds of your existing windows, and even complete custom fabrication by local craftsmen. We assess the needs of each individual opening to find exactly which options will be best for each window in your home.

  • Repair when possible
  • Restorations and rebuilds
  • Complete historically accurate replacements as needed

You don’t need to hire an expensive restoration specialist to get the luster back in your historic wood windows. Folkers offers authentic wood windows that carry the luster and splendor as if they were manufactured decades ago. You’ll gain the historic look, but with modern energy efficiency advantages.

  • We use as much of your original wood windows as possible when rebuilding.
  • We use high-grade hardwoods, not cheap builder grade.
  • Craftsmen trained in Europe to truly understand Old World techniques
  • We follow the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation
  • Historical accuracy matters to us.
  • Preservation is our number one objective.
  • Locally designed in the Church Street East historic district.
  • Pella wood replacement windows also available
  • We work with your historic neighborhood board to ensure compliance.

Read the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Historic Buildings Standards for Rehabilitation, Historic Wood Windows HERE.

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Folkers always follows the law and meets or exceeds all code requirements. 

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