Will Impact Windows Really Protect Your Home During A Hurricane?

Will Impact Windows Really Protect Your Home During A Hurricane?

Here on the Gulf Coast in Florida and Alabama, the months between May and October mean sunshine, hot weather, and of course, hurricanes. With each hurricane season seeing larger and more intense storms, many people are wondering how best they can protect their homes. One of these protections that many experts recommend is using impact windows, also known on the Gulf Coast as “hurricane windows.” However, the premium cost of these windows has many people wondering how much impact windows really protect a home during a hurricane. Let’s take a closer look and see exactly how much protection impact windows provide during a hurricane. So, let jump right into the question … will impact windows really protect your home during a hurricane?


What Kind Of Protection Do Impact Windows Provide During A Hurricane?

Impact windows are made by sandwiching some kind of impact-proof substance between two or more panes of glass. This substance is usually some kind of polymer that prevents the window from shattering and falling out of place when struck by an object. Most impact windows need to be struck repeatedly for the glass to completely shatter. Impact windows are also constructed with thicker and sturdier frames, so the glass does not pop out of the frame when it does break.

Essentially, constructing impact windows this way ensures that when hurricane debris does hit them, the glass will not shatter and fall out of place, leaving your home vulnerable to wind, rain, and floodwater.


Are All Impact Windows Created Equally?

Impact windows are subject to strict government certification to be approved and sold as impact glass. Make sure to look for an AAMA506 certification on your impact glass paperwork, as well as an etched inscription in the corner of the window. Contrary to popular belief, there is no major difference between impact windows and windows that are specifically marketed as “hurricane windows.” These windows often have no extra protection and are simply being marketed as a better product for a higher price.


Hurricanes Are Unpredictable, Give Yourself The Best Chance Possible

So, will impact windows really protect your home during a hurricane? The simple answer is yes, they will certainly protect your home from flying debris and wind at a much greater rate than traditional windows. However, hurricanes can be unpredictable, extremely intense, and temperamental and it is entirely possible that your home could have some damage from the elements entering through your windows.

What makes impact windows worth the cost though, is that the likelihood of that happening is much slimmer given the high quality and tough materials of the windows. Essentially, you are giving yourself the best odds of protecting your home when you purchase impact windows.


Add Extra Protection With Hurricane Shutters

If you want to go a step further and prevent the impact glass from breaking when struck by debris, you can add hurricane shutters for an extra layer of protection. Hurricane shutters can be as expensive as high-quality automatic metal shutters that descend over your windows with a push of a button, or as simple as plywood that attaches to the siding with predrilled holes and fasteners.

Hurricane shutters can also be used instead of impact windows, but the cost is often comparable, and it is much safer to give your windows the best chance possible of not shattering.


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