Why You Should Tint Your Home Windows

The latest trend in home window technology has been around for a long time, but is recently surging in popularity due to its security benefits, environmental advantages, and aesthetic value. Window tints were once unsightly dark films that impacted a home’s curb appeal. However, nowadays window tints have improved greatly and are available in many different styles. These styles range from simple tints that will reduce glare and help regulate the temperature of a room, to security coatings that strengthen windows and shield insides from view, to thin decorative films that can make a regular window look like a stained glass masterpiece. Tinted windows look great and can have great safety and environmental advantages, but make sure to consider what factors are important to you before tinting your own. Here are a few things to think about before you tint your home windows.

What Is Your Window Tinting Goal?

When considering tinting your windows it’s important to take into account exactly what the goal is. The marketplace for tinted windows can seem super huge and overwhelming at first. It’s in your best interest to schedule a consultation with an expert who can match you with the right kind of tint. The main three factors that window tinting can accomplish are reducing glare, adding security, and providing aesthetic decoration. When considering window tinting, you might want to start by ranking those three factors in order of importance. It’s also important to not be intimidated by the amount of product on the market. Most window tints are simple and easy to have installed. Fully exploring your options and trying lots of different samples will help you feel more confident when making the final purchase.

Taking Your Environment And Home Into Account

Two of the most important factors to consider when thinking about getting your windows tinted are where you live and what kind of window you want to apply the tint to. Firstly, factoring in your home’s location is super important. Depending on what your goals are, you may not need to tint all the windows of your home. If you’re looking to add privacy to your home, you may only want to tint your first-floor windows, or ones that face the street.

Additionally, rooms that are already low light, or don’t receive direct sunlight won’t make full use of the reduced glare benefits, so it may not be worth it to tint the windows in that room. Another important factor is the broader geographic location of your home. Homes in cold climates with long winter months generally receive weaker sun so tinting again may not be necessary. The other important factor to take into account is the kind of glass you’re wanting to tint. Different types of glass react differently to window tinting so be sure to work with a professional to ensure that window tinting is a good option for the glass in your windows.

Factoring In Cost

You’ll need to pay attention to how much money you want to spend on window tints. Certain window tints cost different amounts based on thickness, the difficulty of installation, and style. For example, decorative window tints may be more expensive, but you will generally use less material as most people use this kind of tinting as an accent window. It’s important also to remember the savings that window tinting provides. Tinting helps to regulate room temperature, reducing air conditioning costs dramatically in the summer. Security tints may also protect your home from being robbed, potentially saving you money, and providing increased peace of mind.

Start Small

Tinting your windows can seem super intimidating. Most interior design nowadays promotes massive windows with tons of natural light flooding in. That can look great sometimes, but it doesn’t work for everybody. It’s important to not think of window tinting as losing that aesthetic, but merely putting a filter on it, as you would when posting a picture. If you’re still unsure, or feel overwhelmed by the idea, try starting small. Spend a little money on tinting one or two windows and see how you like it. The tint can always be removed. Sampling lots of different window tints are a great option as well to start even smaller. It’s your home and your windows, you know what’s best for them, and what’s best might just be coloring your world with a beautiful tint.

When You Need New Windows

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