What makes Folkers Window and Home Improvement different than the other guys?

Why should you consider using Folkers instead of other contractors?

It’s really pretty simple… we’re the best at what we do.

Folkers has been in business for over 44 years.

Folkers does not use subcontractors, which means our installers are employees and their work standards and practices are controlled by us. Legally, subcontractors cannot be told how to do the work or when to show up to work. In addition, many subcontractors are here today and gone tomorrow.

Folkers is a veteran-owned business and we instill the same military discipline into the organization.

Our staff of 25 has over 350 years of combined experience. Folkers installers have an average of 15 years experience. Our sales staff has over 20 years experience each, meaning they know the code, know the products, know the installation issues that may arise and can answer all of your questions.

We play by the book. We pull permits, we manage the building inspection process and we install products according to the manufacturer’s specifications. You can be assured your project is done correctly.

At Folkers, we use the best installation materials so that you do not have issues after we leave.

We have a dedicated service person that is responsible for fixing issues when they do arise (which is seldom).

Our installers receive a bonus if the job is done correctly and they do not have to return to your home to fix an installation issue.

If we do have an issue (construction issues do arise periodically), we ensure that we’ll correct the problem. Again, we’ve been here for nearly 45 years.

We do not carry, sell or install junky products. We do not believe in selling you garbage.

You can expect excellence from us and nothing less.

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