Hurricane Shutters

Every home or building that is built after 2001 in Florida, especially those near the coast, is required to have storm windows or hurricane shutters. This requirement is stated in the existing Florida Building Codes.

Storm windows and hurricane shutters can help protect a home or building against bad storms or hurricanes that carry debris as well as terrifying wind speeds. It’s not a matter of if this debris will break windows, it’s a question of when. This is why storm windows are prevalent in coastal areas or other places with extreme weather and high winds.

Important Facts About Hurricane Shutters

There are important facts that you need to know about storm shutters to make them work for you for a long time and make them effective.

  1. You can get maximum protection if all windows and openings are covered. If you have an open door or unprotected window during a hurricane, the entire house might be compromised due to extreme pressure. It is possible for the roof to blow off under extreme pressure. You can avoid such a thing from happening when you have hurricane shutters on all windows.
  2. Storm shutters and windows also provide some added benefits. Aside from providing protection during storm or hurricane, hurricane shutters can also enhance the energy efficiency of your home, tone down the noise from outside and improve the security of a home.
  3. Hurricane shutters are made from various materials. Some of the most common materials used to create shutters are aluminum and steel, which are known for their durability and strength. There are also those that are made of fabric, vinyl and wood. Before you make the final decision regarding which material to choose, it is recommended to weigh things first and see which material fits your needs and preference.
  4. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help extend the life of shutters. You can make the shutters work for you for a long time through regular cleaning and maintenance, which also guarantees top operating condition. We recommend checking all the panels every six months. Inspect the shutters thoroughly for signs of damage and check to be sure everything is working properly. Wipe away any corrosive materials and debris.

Knowing that your shutters are working properly can give you peace of mind when a hurricane or nasty storm blows into town. If you haven’t done so, contact us now and invest in hurricane shutters while there’s still time. We’ve been serving our neighbors along Florida and Alabama Gulf Coast for almost half a century and would love to serve you as well.