Which Patio Enclosure Is Right For You

As fall arrives and the weather begins to cool down, now is the best time of year to spend evenings on the patio. Unfortunately, in the South, bugs still persist well into December. That means many nights with friends can still be ruined by a mosquito attack at duskThat is why having an enclosed patio is absolutely essential in Florida and Alabama. But, with too many options, as well as some confusing definitions, deciding which patio enclosure is right for you can feel like wading through a swamp of information. At Folkers, we specialize in simply matching you with the right product. That’s why we have created a guide on how to decide which patio enclosure is right for you.

Look At Your Patio Enclosure Options

Instead of breaking it down into messy definitions that all seem to overlap in an incredibly confusing way, you need to assess three simple elements. From there, you can choose the option that best matches the elements that you want. Those three basic elements are walls, windows, and roofs.

First, with walls, you should decide if you want:

  • Soft or Hard Walls
  • Screen Walls or Solid Walls
  • Glass Walls

The walls should match the aesthetic of your home and also provide the amount of structure you want.

Second, when addressing the windows, there are pretty simple options that boil down to choosing the size and material. Will your patio enclosure have large glass windows or medium-sized screen windows? Once you decide you can move onto the roof.

Finally, the roof is one of two options, shade or no shade. A screen or glass roof will allow the sun to come in and warm the patio, whereas a solid shaded roof will help keep it cool.

Once you have decided on the materials for your walls, windows, and roof, it’s time to factor in how you will be using the patio. 

Consider Your Lifestyle And What Patio Enclosure Is Right For You

This step requires you to honestly ask yourself: how am I going to use my patio enclosure? This question will help you to narrow down key details. Details like how large you would like the patio enclosure to be? Or, what features you need to add to it. For instance, if you want to grill inside your patio enclosure, you need to make sure it is made from a well-ventilated and fire-resistant material. If you are always entertaining guests, you should make sure that it is a large enough enclosure to accommodate your typical party once the bugs descend. Your patio enclosure should fit your life, so taking stock of how you will use it is essential in deciding which patio enclosure is right for you.

Make Sure Your Patio Enclosure Have Your Must-Haves

Lastly, you need to make sure that you have your must-have elements included in your patio enclosure. If you have any essential elements, whether it be french doors, hurricane glass, or screens that match your home’s aesthetic, that element needs to be included in your patio enclosure. Simply put, you will not be happy with the patio enclosure if you settle. Unless it is out of the budget, you should never settle. Make sure you have your must-haves. While you may be content without them, you will never be truly happy with the purchase. Remember that this is your patio enclosure and it must be customized to exactly what you want.

While there may be many choices when it comes to deciding which patio enclosure is right for you, there is only one choice for who to install it. Folkers Window Company specializes in patio enclosures that fit your life, and are the perfect addition to your home. Call or contact us about your patio enclosure needs today.