Which Is Better? Single-Hung Windows Or Double-Hung Windows

Which Is Better? Single-Hung Windows Or Double-Hung Windows

Replacing the windows in a home is one of the biggest ways that homeowners can save money, and even see a substantial return on their investment over time. The two most commonly sold types of windows are single-hung and double-hung windows.
So, which is better … Single-Hung windows or Double-Hung windows?
Single- hung windows involve two panes of glass with only the bottom pane, or sash, sliding vertically along a pathway and the top pane staying stationary.
Double-hung windows involve both the top pane, or sash, and the bottom pane to slide and open. With both panes open, these windows are easier to clean and allow for better ventilation while maintaining privacy.
Each type of window offers the homeowner something different. The decision of which window to choose will ultimately come to what the homeowner is looking to get out of their replacement windows.

Single-Hung Windows

– Builder-grade; most common type.
  • Seen in newer homes.
  • Seen in Crafstman-style homes.
– More affordable.
– Energy-efficient.
– Preferable for homes with lower-level windows or single-story homes.

Double-Hung Windows

– Easier to clean and maintain.
  • Glass panes are easily switchable, only needing to replace one pane.
– Gives homes a unique, elegant look.
– Higher return on investment.
– Preferable for older homes.
– Styled for Victorian and Cape Cod homes.
– Increased safety.
  • Only opening the top pane of the windows allows for increased safety for children and pets.
Choosing the perfect windows for your home is a big decision; don’t make the decision alone and end up with the wrong windows. Let us help you make the best choice for your home. We will schedule a free consultation with you, look everything over, listen to your needs, and provide the advice you need to make the right decision for your home. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation.
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