The Hottest Window Of 2023 Is A New Classic

The Hottest Window Of 2023 Is A New Classic

With the new year arriving, comes new trends and lists of top interior designers and home experts predicting what is going to be hot in 2023. One trend that should not be ignored is white oak windows. While most windows in modern homes are typically white vinyl windows, white oak windows provide a unique touch that is reminiscent of minimalist, Scandinavian design. While wood windows have been out of fashion for some time, they are making a comeback, as they show a home’s character and offer a unique touch of personality. White oak windows are the perfect way to incorporate these trendy wood windows, as they are light, breezy, neutral, and will stand the test of time. So, let’s dive in to the hottest window of 2023!


Benefits Of White Oak Windows

Modern Design

One of the undeniable benefits of using white oak as a window material is that they capture a unique, neutral, and clean design. White oak windows are typically seen in more current Scandinavian design, and therefore can create a modern look and aesthetic without looking cold.


An Organic Touch

Another major benefit of white oak is that you can use organic material to add a beautiful natural quality to your windows. White oak feels clean and bright while still maintaining an earthiness that fits in with any decor and architectural style.


Durability And Style

Wood windows, specifically oak windows, are often overlooked for how truly durable and beautiful they are. While there is some potential for the wood to rot, with modern sealants and treatments, wood windows are just as safe from the elements as vinyl windows, but they have the bonus of a beautiful and bright natural aesthetic.


How Much Will White Oak Windows Cost?

On average, wood windows tend to cost between $600- $1,200 per window. While this may be a high cost, white oak windows may fall on the lower end of that price range. This affordability is because white oak is not a rare wood, thus making it very available for interior design. While white oak windows may be more expensive than vinyl windows, their uniquely beautiful design will not only last but also shine for years to come.


Will White Oak Windows Fall Out Of Style?

One of the biggest concerns about investing in white oak windows is that since they are trending right now, they may fall out of fashion in the years to come. However, wood windows have been popular for centuries, and white oak is no exception. White oak windows are a timeless staple of clean modern Scandinavian design and are versatile enough to look beautiful with a countless number of changing decor trends.


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