The Folker’s Way


The Folker’s Way is how we are all trained to think and perform. We hire the best people possible and we’re one, big, happy family, starting with the first person you come into contact with. You’ll meet with one our consultants who will deliver your free estimate. Next, every window and door is custom measured and made to ensure the best fit possible. Then your project is sent to our amazing, in-house installers who will complete your project to perfection using only top-quality, high-end products. You can rest assured that if we run into any issue, we can fix it for you the right way – that is the Folker’s Way.


Folkers has a document, 9-step process designed to ensure projects are as smooth as possible.

  1. Phone Conversation
  2. Free In-Home Estimate
  3. Project Agreement
  4. Measurement and Ordering
  5. Project Planning and Preparation
  6. Remodeling
  7. Final Walkthrough
  8. Customer Feedback and Survey
  9. Service

We have a day-by-day, hour-by-hour training program for our installers. Our in house training is led by an expert who has spent decades in the field installing products. Training topics include:

  • Demolition
  • Safety
  • Installation Techniques
  • Code Requirements
  • Customer Service
  • DOT Driving Requirements
  • Product Training
  • Service and Warranty *
  • Quality Control **
  • Superintendents ***


* Our service and warranty team is available if there are product failures after the installation. These folks are experienced installers who have transitioned to a troubleshooting role.

** Our quality control team consists of highly trained and experienced installers who check on projects and the installation once the installation has occurred. Our quality control team looks for any issues, large or small, that may have been missed by the installation team.

*** Our superintendents are seasoned Folkers employees who have spent many years as the top installers and now help to manage large and difficult projects, ensuring the project is completed as efficiently and as effectively as possible.