The Department of Energy studies indicate that new windows and doors can save the average homeowner between 10% and 40% on their power bill.  More savings (or waste) is related to insulation in attics and walls, HVAC inefficiencies and other related products.  So if you have a great HVAC system and good insulation, energy savings will be toward the higher end of the scale with new windows and doors.  Conversely, the opposite will leave you toward the lower end of the savings scale.

Get this – we had a customer actually track their energy savings over an 8 month period after purchasing Folkers’ replacement windows.  You know what they found?

A 32% savings on their power bill each month for 8 months.  

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Add the federal tax credit for installing energy efficient improvements to the above savings and any power company rebates (Gulf Power, for example), and you can see new windows and doors can pay for themselves fairly quickly.  At the very least you will start saving on your power bill today.

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