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Review by Richard Nuckols

Poor customer service. Do yourself a favor and find another window company.
Spoke with sales rep from manufacturer. Price of door $3600 and includes screen door and track. The $4000 price charged by Folkers did not include screen or track. BUYER BEWARE of quoted prices from Folkerrs….. Weather strip that was finally removed and should have not been there was for the screen doors that were not provided. The demands were clearly stated to office manager the day after installation. They were to remove weather strip , provide white powder coated screws to replace visible stainless screws on inside and outside of door. The trim was not installed correctly and after a week of requests it was fixed correctly. After a few days of use the door locks did NOT work and once again after several requests the locks were properly installed. These issues could have been easily addressed, instead many requests had to be made for proper installation. No added parts requested only the track for screen door which according to manufacturer should have been provided and installed. payment was held until all issues were addressed as requested. If payment was not withheld I am confident issues would not have been addressed.

Maufacturer does quote prices to “honest” contractors. The lock was neither manipulated or abused, just installed incorrectly that is why it failed after only a few days of use. To insinuate this about a customer who spent $8000 with you gives all customers a clear understanding about your customer service. Furthermore the doors are “under warranty” and lock should be fixed without question or insult. Customer service starts at the top. Terms were never violated as the issues could have been easily addressed the day of installation. Once they were finally addressed cash was paid immediately to repairman. Aesthetics are what we pay for when paying $8000 for doors. We do expect them to lock properly installed and not have 10 stainless screw heads visible on a white door. If screens were not to be included in price their should have been a reduction and weather stripping for screens not installed.