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Review by Jan Chilson

We had ordered some windows for our home in February of this year from Folkers Windows. Nine months later we are still waiting for the remaining four windows. We have experienced nothing but delay after delay and excuse after excuse of the non-receipt of the windows. We had paid off the windows, including the ones that have not been received, earlier in the year with our anticipation of relocating. We had done that, in good faith and was informed that the missing windows would be received by October of this year. That has not happened.

This past Friday,, both my wife and I , had a discussion with the Sales Manager of the organization. Here is a short recap of our conversation with the Sales Manager, on the telephone.
• Manager kept mentioning we were waiting for three windows. I corrected him, we are waiting for four windows and one cracked window that had been previously installed. He was unaware of the cracked window. It is suspect now if the replacement glass for the cracked window has been ordered.
• Informed that the three windows (should be four) were incorrectly manufactured months ago. We were never previously informed of that fact.
• We had been previously informed by Folkers that the windows were inbound. Never happened.
• He consistently stated that he had done us a “Favor” by releasing the lien on our house since the windows were paid in full . Releasing a lien is not a “Favor” it is a “Legal Requirement” when a household improvement is paid for in full.

Recommend that Sales Manager receive some in-depth conflict- resolution and customer service training. He was very argumentative, consistently stated that he is not going to refund our money for the non-receipt of the windows, and never in a clam voice apologized for this unsatisfactory service. He in fact stated the company had done nothing wrong, and the blame was on us. Twilight Zone.

I could write on – but you get the picture. I personally would NOT recommend this company for windows based upon my experiences with them. I can only imagine what the problems could be in the future if one has a problem with these windows, and their “lifetime warranty”. One might have to wait months for a resolution to your satisfaction.

BTW. I will keep you posted when the four windows are received and installed as well as the cracked window. Hopefully, they will be received by next February which will be the one-year anniversary of ordering the windows.

This is first ever of any complaint I have submitted on social media.

And lastly, if I had talked to Navy customers like I was talked, I would have been disciplined.