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Review by Christine F

Folkers installed the windows for my home. The installation was very good, and they have a reputation for quality installation, which is why we chose them. We ordered the windows in mid-October and had them installed late March, so it did take a while for them to get to us. There was a screen missing from our order, and they were able to get that to us, but not until June. Also, they left the stickers on all our windows, saying that it was necessary for the inspection. I didn’t mind that, except they left the stickers on the windows of the attic as well. After the inspection was done, I called a couple of times to see if they would remove them for us because I did not feel comfortable being in the attic, but no response. The inspector didn’t even go into the attic. I would choose them again because I know that they do good installations, but I wish customer service was better.