Lifetime WarrantyMost folks these days hear the words “Lifetime Warranty” and think, “That’s great but it’s not really a lifetime warranty,” due to all of the exclusions typically found in a lifetime warranty.

There’s always the except in this case or the doesn’t cover that situation type of exclusions.

With Folkers’ lifetime warranty, this is not the case, with one exception. . . acts of God, which is what the insurance is for.


Folkers’ Lifetime Warranty covers windows and sliding glass doors.

In addition, we have a dedicated service department that handles issues and problems that might occur after the initial installation. Thus, we do not have to farm out the repairs and we never use subcontractors so we don’t have to chase down the installer(s) who might or might not still be in business.

Here’s an example, if Johnny Baseball next door throws a ball through your window, we’ll replace the glass.  If Allstate’s Mayhem is mowing the yard and the mower shoots a rock through the window, we’ll replace the glass (see the Allstate Insurance Commercial, it’s pretty funny). But if a hurricane or tornado blows out the windows or a door, that is not covered by Folkers but should be covered by your insurance. That is obviously an act of God.

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Happy Father’s Day to all you dads.