Is It Possible To Theft-Proof Your Windows?

Is It Possible To Theft-Proof Your Windows?

With temperatures rising and summer just around the corner, many people are excited for school to be out, to see friends and family at summer barbecues, and to head out of town for vacation. But one thing about summer that’s not so exciting is the amount of crime that happens during the warmest season. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, burglaries are 10% more likely to happen during the summer than any other season. Our homes are where we keep many valuables, so it is important to keep them protected and keep burglars out. One way we can stop burglars is by theft-proofing windows. According to ADT Security, nearly a quarter of all burglars target first-floor windows as an entry point into the home. To keep your home safe this summer, let’s take a look and see if it is possible to theft-proof your windows.

Theft-Proofing Your Windows Is Possible, But It Is Very Expensive

While theft proofing is possible, to make your windows truly unbreakable they would have to be shatterproof. Shatterproof windows are either made of polycarbonate plastic, or two pieces of glass that sandwich a piece of laminite film. The polycarbonate plastic windows are much stronger but can be expensive, especially for high-quality, bulletproof polycarbonate. The shatterproof laminite windows are also fairly expensive, with Forbes Home Advisor estimating it costs roughly $7,000 on average to replace a home’s windows with shatter-resistant windows. These windows will still shatter with some force but are much more likely to scare off an intruder looking for a quick smash and grab.

How To Theft Proof On A Budget

For those who can’t afford to replace all of their windows with ones that are truly theft-proof, here are a few tips on how to reduce the risk of your windows being a point of entry for a burglar.

Reduce Risks

  • Make sure your home doesn’t look like a target. Trim bushes and trees near first-floor windows so they don’t serve as a hiding place for thieves.
  • Install a motion detector light near doors and windows to not provide shadows to hide in.
  • Keep lights and television programs on when heading out for a vacation to create the impression that your house is not empty.
  • Place valuables where they cannot be seen from windows.


Put It On Film

While security cameras will help you catch a thief if your house is broken into, the film in question here is a shatter-proofing film. This clear film goes right on your windows and makes it so that if someone hits your window, the shattered pieces stay in place. This film acts sort of like a screen protector on a smartphone. While it won’t completely theft-proof your windows, it may deter a thief who is looking for an easy score.

Add Extra Security

While many people do not have the budget for a brand new security system, nothing is preventing you from theft-proofing your home by pretending you have one. Many companies sell security signs that you can place in the front yard to create the impression that your home is secured by that company. While this won’t prevent a thief who has already been inside your home or a more experienced burglar who is familiar with disarming security systems, it will help deter an inexperienced or first-time burglar.

Set An Alarm

Since most burglars enter through first-floor windows, a simple way to theft-proof your windows on a budget is to install individual alarms on each first-floor window. These alarms are relatively inexpensive online and will alert you if the window is opened so you can call the police. While not as secure as a home security system, they are a great theft-proofing hack for those on a budget.


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