Are Impact Windows Required in Florida?

As we all know, Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes. In fact, almost 40% of hurricanes hit Florida. We also know that those who prepare for these storms are typically better off when one hits. Hurricane shutters are good to have, but impact windows add another level of protection and security to your home, and not just for storms.

“Impact windows are not only a measure to protect your home and family from hurricanes, they also offer a number of other benefits homeowners may not be aware of,” landscaper Austin Medlin says, managing partner at Medscapes, a Tampa-based landscaping company.

“What does a landscaper now about impact windows?” you may be wondering.

“Believe it or not, clients of ours commonly ask us about hurricane protection because we’re technically in the home improvement industry and Tampa is subject to bad storms from time to time,” Mr. Medlin states. “We tell them impact windows are a great investment, and not just for storm protection.”

There are some specific zones in Florida where these windows are required. But why would you need impact windows if you’re not in these zones?

Improves Home Security

Impact windows are designed to be strong and tough. Built with multiple layers, these windows are not easy to break. These windows can not only save your house or commercial building from hurricane debris but also from burglary.

Temperature Control and UV Filtration

In the summer season, these windows can reflect most of the sun’s heat. This will help cut down on energy consumption and your monthly energy bills. Even in the winter, these windows will retain the heat in the home. Impact windows can also filter UV rays. 80% to 90% UV rays are filtered through these window’s glasses.


These windows are not like hurricane shutters, which some might find aesthetically unpleasing. Most designs are stylish looking and pass sufficient light. Moreover, you don’t have to shut them again and again like shutters.

Decrease Outdoor Noise

Similar to spray foam insulation, impact windows can reduce the transfer of noise into your home. The layers within these windows give it an above-average insulating capacity. Just another reason how this technology can bring peace and quiet to your home.

Impact windows have a lot to offer. With all the above features, these windows can really be a smart choice for Florida homes. To learn more or to request an estimate for new windows, please contact us. Thank you for reading and stay safe!