How To Stop Birds From Flying Into Your Windows

How To Stop Birds From Flying Into Your Windows

We’ve all been there. You’re enjoying a bright sunny day, maybe doing some chores or getting some work done, when you hear that loud thunk against your window. You quickly run to the window and hopefully just see a stunned bird, but more often than not hitting a window is enough to kill a bird. This can be enough to ruin your day and make you feel like an unintentional bird murderer. So how do you keep the birds safe while also enjoying your beautiful view? Here are a few ways to stop birds from flying into your windows. 

Always Focus On The Outside

A common misconception when it comes to hanging things in your window to prevent birds from hitting it is that you can hang things on the inside of the window and that will help. Birds need to be able to perceive the object on the outside of the window. Windows aren’t dangerous because they’re clear, they’re dangerous because they’re reflective. Birds see the backyard foliage reflected in the window and it looks like a nice comfortable place to fly to. By placing any kind of decal, sticker, or bird-specific product on the outside of the window, you will help to break the reflective illusion. 

Let Your Inner Artist Out

Window craft paint can be a great way to have some fun with your windows, while also making them bird-safe. Get creative with fun designs, silly portraits, or even write a nice message to the neighbors. Applying some window safe paint to the outside of the glass is a great way to increase the opacity of the window while adding some color and style to your house. 

Embrace A Zen Lifestyle

No, yoga retreats and endless humming aren’t going to save birds from flying into your window. What will stop them though, are zen curtains, also known as acopian bird savers. These simple cords hang on the outside of your window every four or so inches and serve to break the illusion of the reflection that the window creates. Birds are more likely to avoid that area if there’s somewhere that looks easier to land. They are easy to install and allow you to enjoy your windows without obstructing the view. 

Save Some Money While Saving The Birds

One way to save money while fixing the problem of a particularly troublesome window is to install some remote-operated outdoor blinds to use during peak hours of reflection. These blinds will also save you money in the long run by regulating the temperature of the room so it doesn’t need to be heated or cooled to such an extreme degree. You can also add some style with outdoor shutters that will work to make any window bird-safe.

Up Your Screentime

If you love the fresh air, perhaps consider leaving your summer bug screens up all year round. These screens will serve to cut down on reflection and provide a soft netting for birds to bounce off of if they do hit. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to keep the windows open and have a great breeze flowing through your house without having to worry about bugs flying in. 

Not Every Window Is A Problem

Lastly, remember that these solutions are only for any windows that you’re particularly noticing are a problem for birds. You don’t have to cover every window in your house in stickers or one-way opaque films, simply the ones that cause the most damage for birds.


Having birds around in your yard is wonderful, they sing and provide some beautiful nature to look at. By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep the birds in your yard and away from your windows. 

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