How To Maintain Your Windows And Doors In The Winter

How To Maintain Your Windows And Doors In The Winter

With cold weather here to stay in many northern states, lots of people have been expressing frustration with the high cost of heating their homes this winter. With inflation rising, and gas prices at the highest they’ve been in years, it is simply not sustainable for many people to continue paying extremely high utility bills every month to keep their homes warm during these cold months. While the weather will warm up eventually, high heating costs are here to stay, which is why it is important to maintain your windows and doors during the winter.


What To Do About Drafty Windows In The Winter?

Window drafts can cause your winter heating bills to skyrocket, and unfortunately, this problem could be difficult and expensive to fix.

When the temperatures start to fall, it’s important to inspect your windows and doors to see which ones may need to be repaired or replaced.

Examine your windows for gaps, cracks, and inefficient sealing, as this may be the cause of rooms becoming drafty and cold in the winter.

Sealing cracks with caulk, applying professional weatherstripping, and checking frames for structural integrity, may all help you save a few bucks during the winter, but fail to address the main problem at hand, especially if your windows are over ten years old.


Should I Replace My Windows?

There is a myth that replacing windows isn’t worth it, as it can be an expensive process and the money you save feels minimal. However, in actuality, the U.S. Department of Energy reported that new eco-friendly windows could save you between 120-460 dollars a year when replacing old single-pane windows.

Today’s insulated glass windows help keep your home warm and keep out the effects of the environment. You can even go a step further and add a low emissivity coating which helps to reflect the sun instead of absorbing it. This low-E coating allows the temperature of your home to be more consistent, saving you money since your home won’t be subject to the extreme heating and cooling that temperature fluctuations cause.

Replacing your windows may provide some high cost initially but will save you money in the long run as well as ensure that your home stays warm in the winter.


Should I Go The DIY Route?

While replacing your windows to prepare for the cold winter months may help you save a little money, it might affect you negatively in the long run. Improperly installed windows can have gaps and structural problems that will cause the window to not work properly and cost you more money in the long run. A window installation expert can recognize and fix these problems that may be invisible to someone with only a cursory level of experience. Additionally, installing your windows requires expensive equipment that most people will need to rent, adding more costs to the final project. Finally, while windows are as sturdy as they can be, it can be dangerous to install your own windows. If they are dropped, or cracked in any way, it would be a massive waste of money which is why it is recommended to have a professional install your windows.


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