What Purpose Do Shutters Serve?

Shutters were originally designed for protection and light control. Shutters were first created during the 1500’s, in England, before window openings even had glass in them. Crafted from solid wood, they were used to keep out unwanted guests (i.e. people and critters) as well as protect from the elements (i.e. rain, snow). During this time, shutters were built for function, not decoration.

However, shutters primarily serve a two-fold purpose for us in the 21st century. The first purpose is protection while the second purpose is for decoration. Shutters built for our region have to be able to withstand extreme temperatures and storms. When properly installed and utilized, they can keep your windows and home safe in the worst of weather – all while improving the value of your home!

Do Shutters Work Better Than Blinds?

One question we get asked a lot is whether you should buy shutters or blinds? Our suggestion – both!

Shutters are exterior elements designed to protect your windows and home from external elements (i.e. flying debris, burglars). Blinds are primarily designed for light and visibility control. They serve two different purposes. While shutters can be used to block out light and decrease visibility, they are not the first option. Shutters work better to protect your home from outside elements where blinds work better to control light and visibility.

Folkers Manufactured And Installed Storm Shutters Survive Major Hurricanes

Remember how we said the first purpose of a shutter is protection?

Storm shutters provide additional protection for your home from flying debris and heavy winds. Even if you have impact windows, having another layer of protection from storm shutters isn’t a bad idea. You can never have too much protection!

Our storm shutter installations have survived some of well-known hurricanes, including:

  • Frederic
  • Elena
  • Alberto
  • Erin
  • Opal
  • Georges
  • Ivan
  • Dennis
  • Katrina

That’s an impressive list for anyone.

Our storm shutter installations are built to withstand the worst and look great while doing it. Whether you want another layer of protection for your windows or you are looking to improve your home’s exterior, Folkers has the selection and experience you need.

Besides Protection, What Are The Advantages Of Having Shutters Installed?

While shutters are great for protection, they also provide a few other advantages that tend to get overlooked; here are a few.


Shutters protect your home from prying eyes. When closed, they act as a barrier (i.e. a wall) between the inside of your home and everyone else. At night, or while you are away, closing your shutters will make it harder for anyone to see inside.


Shutters also have a latch/lock to add another layer of privacy and protection. When locked, they will not fly open during bad weather and they’ll add another barrier for the “bad guys” to have to get through.

Light Control

Some shutters have adjustable louvers that can act like blinds. When adjusted properly, they can allow in (or block) as much light as you want.

Improved Exterior Appearance

Shutters also add curb appeal, making your home more valuable. Whether you are considering selling, or just want to change your home’s look a bit, shutters are a great way to quickly make a big difference without breaking the bank.

Folkers installs a variety of storm shutters designed to provide aesthetic value and contrast to your home while also adding protection when needed.

Types Of Storm Shutters

  • Colonial – the most traditional form of shutters that most are familiar with. The decorative shutters that homes look ‘naked’ without.
  • Bahama – open up with a propped stick similar to what you’d find on the islands where there’s rain every day.
  • Accordion – pulls across a window quickly when storms strike.
  • Rolling – much like an awning, can be hidden in offseason.

Hurricane and Security Shutters

Folkers offers a variety of products to help protect your home or business from storms and intrusion. If you’re concerned about the safety of your home and family, call the folks you can trust!

Here are a few options Folkers offers to add another layer of protection to your home.

  • Bi-fold or Traditional Bahama Shutters
  • Colonial Shutters
  • Rolling Shutters
  • Accordion Shutters
  • Fabric Shields
  • Storm Catchers
  • Rigid Panel (Aluminum and Lexan)

Shutter Installation Photo Gallery

Be Prepared

We cannot stop storms, nor can we prevent crime, but we can prepare ahead of time. Storm and security shutters are designed to protect your home openings from both storms and break-ins. Our custom-manufactured storm shutters are engineered to withstand wind loads of up to 140 MPH, and most meet Dade and Broward County impact ratings. In addition, Folkers-installed storm shutters make home and business intrusions extremely difficult.

Whether you’re in the market for new shutters or you still have questions, contact Folkers today. We’ll be glad to help you find the perfect solutions for your home improvement and shutter needs.

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