Dangers of Improper Installations - Folkers Home Improvement BlogDangers of Improper Installations

There’s a lot more to putting new windows and doors in your home than picking the best models on the market.  More important than the model is the installation and whether that was done properly.  Its akin to having a Mercedes with the engine installed backwards…it looks great but won’t do what you were hoping it would do. Improper installations can lead to a variety of problems, including:

Structural Damage to Your Home from Poor Installation

Windows and doors basically are attacked by extreme weather, temperature changes, humidity levels and more.  The extremes of the Gulf Coast will wreck havoc on your home, its just a matter of time. When products are installed improperly, you run the risk of cracked joints, water damage, resulting mold issues, rot, insect intrusion and a whole lot of other potential issues.  Also imagine what hurricane force winds and rain would do to an improperly installed window or door.


Improperly Installed Products Can Result in Higher Energy Bills

Another problem related to improper installations is an increase on your monthly heating and cooling bills. If windows aren’t installed correctly thus doing their job correctly, you could be losing cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Not only is your home uncomfortable but you are paying higher energy bills to be uncomfortable.


Pests Can Gain Access If Your Windows Aren’t Installed Correctly

Windows and doors should keep bugs and other critters on the outside of your home as well as the elements.  Insects can easily slip through cracks and crevices leading to an infestation and potential health issues.  Impact rated windows and doors can even keep the human intruder from gaining entrance to you home.

Avoid these and other problems by ensuring products are installed correctly. A reputable kitchen remodeling contractor will help with not only the products but also the installation, and that’s where Folkers comes into play.  Call us for a free estimate.  Any extra expense will pay for itself later on down the line with less maintenance, lower energy bills and less likely hood of repair bills.