Choose Fiberglass Doors to Increase Your Home’s Appeal

When choosing the doors of your home, invest in something which can be functional, yet highly pleasing to the eye. The curb appeal of your home can immensely increase with fiberglass doors.

There are many advantages which fiberglass doors offer. Fiberglass doors are tougher than regular wood and steel ones. They can be made to resemble wood, making it difficult for even experts to differentiate them. In the challenge among traditional vs. fiberglass doors, there is no doubt as to which one wins.

Fiberglass vs Metal Doors

Steel is the most commonly used metal for entry doors. It offers great durability, is economical and energy efficient. It is also crack resistant and offers high R-value. However, here is where steel doors lag behind in comparison to fiberglass doors:

  • Steel doors can acquire dents
  • Extreme weather conditions cause damage to the doors
  • They rust easily and pose a problem in the long run
  • Insulation is the biggest concern
  • Paints on the steel doors peel quickly

Fiberglass vs Wood Doors

Do not be fazed by the up-front costs of fiberglass doors, which might be higher than wood doors. Regardless, the benefits of fiberglass doors make this initial investment worthwhile. Here is what you get with fiberglass doors:

  • Customization – the biggest drawback of wood doors is that lack of customization. But with fiberglass, you can get a proper design for the door that fits your dream home
  • Fiberglass doors require minimal maintenance
  • They do not peel or warp and are resistant to scratching, denting and buckling
  • It contains insulating foams and offers five times more insulation than wood doors
  • Compared to vinyl designs, these doors are more durable and much tougher
  • You can choose from a vast selection of colors, which is the exact opposite of earthy and muted tones of wood
  • It can also be painted easily, especially with its wood-like exterior
  • They last longer and do extremely better in terms of performance

Why Choose Fiberglass Doors For Your Home

Given the above advantages, you should choose fiberglass doors for your home. They perform better during unexpected climate changes, some designs contain no CFC’S and hence are environmentally friendly.

They allow for customization to meet your specific needs. Barnett and ThermaTru, some of our many quality suppliers make fiberglass doors that look exactly like wood. ‘Accugrain’ technology of Therma-Tru, duplicates the highly coveted textured grain finish. The same has been since adopted by many other brands like Plastpro, Masonite and Jeld-Wen.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Fiberglass Doors?

Generally, the cost will be the same as installing wood doors. Depending on the procedure needed, the installation cost varies. It could be anywhere between $500- $2,500. Again, this will be different for the product you choose, regular basic or special styles.

You can choose from the paint, finish, detailing, weather or heat resistance options. Shape, style and the material used for the frame can also bring up the costs. To get a precise bill and accurate measurements, you need a professional to perform the complete assessment. Apart from the above, you also need to invest in regular staining, sealing and maintenance.

Things to Remember

These doors can still get warped or get cracks when hit hard. If you get fiberglass for garage doors or french doors, take care to protect them from UV rays of the sun. Clean the fiberglass doors periodically and enjoy your home’s enhanced appeal for a long time.