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The Department of Energy studies indicate that new windows and doors can save the average homeowner between 10% and 40% on their power bill.  More savings (or waste) is related to insulation in attics and walls, HVAC inefficiencies and other related products.  So if you have a great HVAC system and good insulation, energy savings will be toward the higher end of the scale with new windows and doors.  Conversely, the opposite will leave you toward the lower end of the savings scale. Get this - we had a customer actually track their energy savings over an 8 month period after purchasing Folkers' replacement windows.  You know what they found? A 32% savings on their power bill each month for 8 months.   Click on the link below Add the federal tax credit for installing energy efficient improvements to the above savings and any power company rebates (Gulf Power, for example), and you can see new windows and doors [...]


Impact glass is designed to resist impact based damage which is why it first became popular as a car windshield. Since impact glass is designed to sustain heavy wind gusts of up to 200 mph and its miscellaneous debris, it’s becoming highly favorable for homeowners in hurricane zones. Impact glass is designed with three layers. The outer layers are made up of glass while the inner layer is made up of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). When all three of these layers are fused together via heat and pressure, or lamination, these layers become stronger and more durable which creates an impact window. Though the question still remains, does impact glass break? In plain terms, yes, impact glass can break. However, as these glass structures receive impact, the inner layer of PVB keeps the structure from breaking down—it keeps the window standing even though the glass shatters.much like a car windshield.   There are varying types of impact glass. Depending on where you live, housing code compliance may have different requirements, such as thickness and window [...]


Have you had the "sales person" out to provide the free estimate?  Have you done your homework on the internet and now have more questions than you started with?  Do you have a fist full of brochures and they all look the same?  You are not alone.  In many cases, a white window is a white window is a white window and they all look relatively the same.  In many cases, they are relatively the same with minor differences in the locks or the frames, etc. What really sets window and door companies apart is the installation process.  Folkers has a documented 9 step process that is followed every time.  We do not use sub contractors but rather employees who are highly trained in that process.  We use only the highest grade of installation materials (caulk, screws, etc.).  During the installation, we follow the manufacturer's recommended installation processes and specifications in order to ensure that the product is installed properly. [...]


1. What is the age of your doors? This really is the first question to ask yourself when considering new doors.  If your home has the original builder grade doors and your home is over 8 years old, then you are a candidate for replacements. Builder grade doors is an industry term that refers to a grade of doors used by builders during new construction of homes.  Builder grade doors are actually low quality stripped down products. The term comes from the fact that many builders and developers purchase a low end door product to put into new developments as a way to save themselves thousands of dollars.  Most people don’t inspect the door quality when buying and/or building a new home but rather folks will view the aesthetics of the home…the look of the door, the counter tops, the bathroom, the kitchen, the exterior, molding and other eye catching characteristics. The big loser, of course, is the homeowner who [...]


Windows should be viewed as a system within your house. The Window Systems transport air of various temperatures, light and people rather than transporting gas or electricity. Like other areas of your home that show warning signs when something is wrong, such as a leaky roof or chipping exterior paint, your windows show signs of age, damage and inefficiency, too. However, window warning signs are often times hidden and less obvious or alarming as water spots on the ceiling or terminate infested siding. If you have been wondering whether it’s time to replace your old windows, read on to see if replacement makes sense.   What is the age of your windows?This really is the first question to ask yourself when considering new windows. If your home has the original builder grade windows and your home is over 8 years old, then you are a candidate for replacements.Builder grade windows is an industry term that refers to a grade of window [...]