Dangers of Improper Installations

There’s a lot more to putting new windows and doors in your home than picking the best models on the market.  More important than the model is the installation and whether that was done properly.  Its akin to having a Mercedes with the engine installed looks great but won't do what you were hoping it would do. Improper installations can lead to a variety of problems, including:   Structural Damage to Your Home from Poor Installation Windows and doors basically are attacked by extreme weather, temperature changes, humidity levels and more.  The extremes of the Gulf Coast will wreck havoc on your home, its just a matter of time. When products are installed improperly, you run the risk of cracked joints, water damage, resulting mold issues, rot, insect intrusion and a whole lot of other potential issues.  Also imagine what hurricane force winds and rain would do to an improperly installed window or door.   Improperly Installed Products Can [...]


Have you had the "sales person" out to provide the free estimate?  Have you done your homework on the internet and now have more questions than you started with?  Do you have a fist full of brochures and they all look the same?  You are not alone.  In many cases, a white window is a white window is a white window and they all look relatively the same.  In many cases, they are relatively the same with minor differences in the locks or the frames, etc. What really sets window and door companies apart is the installation process.  Folkers has a documented 9 step process that is followed every time.  We do not use sub contractors but rather employees who are highly trained in that process.  We use only the highest grade of installation materials (caulk, screws, etc.).  During the installation, we follow the manufacturer's recommended installation processes and specifications in order to ensure that the product is installed properly. [...]


So most folks these days hear the words "Life Time Warranty" and think "that's great but it's not really a life time warranty" due to all of the exclusions typically found in a life time warranty.  There's always the "except in this case" or the "doesn't cover that situation" type of exclusions.  With Folkers' life time warranty that is not the case, with one exception....acts of God, which is what the insurance is for.  Folkers' life time warranty covers windows and sliding glass doors.  In addition, we have a dedicated service department that handles issues and problems that might occur after the initial installation.  Thus, we do not have to farm out the repairs and we never use subcontractors so we don't have to chase down the installer(s) who might or might not still be in business. Here's an example, if Johnny Baseball next door throws a ball through your window, we'll replace the glass.  If Allstate's Mayhem is mowing [...]