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Are Impact Windows Required in Florida?

As we all know, Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes. In fact, almost 40% of hurricanes hit Florida. We also know that those who prepare for these storms are typically better off when one hits. Hurricane shutters are good to have, but impact windows add another level of protection and security to your home, and not just for storms. "Impact windows are not only a measure to protect your home and family from hurricanes, they also offer a number of other benefits homeowners may not be aware of," landscaper Austin Medlin says, managing partner at Medscapes, a Tampa-based landscaping company. "What does a landscaper now about impact windows?" you may be wondering. "Believe it or not, clients of ours commonly ask us about hurricane protection because we're technically in the home improvement industry and Tampa is subject to bad storms from time to time," Mr. Medlin states. "We tell them impact windows are a great investment, and not just for storm [...]

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Why You Can’t Afford to Not Have Hurricane Shutters

Every home or building that is built after 2001 in Florida, especially those near the coast, is required to have storm windows or hurricane shutters. This requirement is stated in the existing Florida Building Codes. Storm windows and hurricane shutters can help protect a home or building against bad storms or hurricanes that carry debris as well as terrifying wind speeds. It's not a matter of if this debris will break windows, it's a question of when. This is why storm windows are prevalent in coastal areas or other places with extreme weather and high winds. Important Facts About Hurricane Shutters There are important facts that you need to know about storm shutters to make them work for you for a long time and make them effective. You can get maximum protection if all windows and openings are covered. If you have an open door or unprotected window during a hurricane, the entire house might be compromised due to extreme pressure. [...]

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Myths About Hurricane Preparedness

"If I tape my windows, they won't shatter." Incorrect.  Taping windows can actually cause a larger problem.  When untaped windows get hit with flying debris, they will shatter into a million tiny pieces.  That's horrible, right?  When taped windows are hit with debris, they still break, but into larger and more dangerous pieces.  These are the shards that could cause really damage to you.  The tape will not keep the windows in one piece nor will it stop foreign objects from penetrating into your living room.  So forget the tape; it's just a pain to clean up afterwards anyway. "If I crack the windows, that will stabilize pressure." This is one we've heard for years for not only hurricanes but also tornadoes.  Think about it this way, when a storm hits and you open the window to let vicious, violent air into the home, it's going to look for a way to escape.  Your windows will be broken from the [...]

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