Can Impact Windows Help Lower My Power Bill?

If you live in the greater Pensacola and Mobile areas, you probably already know why impact windows are important. You are aware of how many hurricanes and tropical storms hit our area year in and year out. You also know how impact windows stop projectiles from being launched into your home by a hurricane, tropical storm, or tornado. It also is designed to allow the glass to crack but not break, so that swift pressure changes do not destroy your house. Even with that knowledge, many still have questions about impact windows. One of those questions usually is: can impact windows help lower my power bill? That is an excellent question, and in short, yes, impact windows can help to lower your power bill. Here’s how it works.

It’s In How It’s Framed

The first reason for impact windows energy efficiency is due to the makeup of their frames. The chances are that if you live in a house over twenty-five years old, your windows are framed in aluminum. While there is a certain amount of strength in aluminum, they provide terrible insulation. They provide excellent insulation and will keep from losing cool in the summer and heat in the winter from around the frame. In fact, impact windows offer more than double the insulation of standard windows. One way is by using low-conductive spacers in-between glass panes, which will improve a window’s insulating properties.

Have A Glass Or Two, Or Three…

Another reason that impact-resistant windows save you heating and air conditioning costs is the use of multiple glass sheets that are laminated (plastic between each sheet). Those sheets of plastic help to filter out UV rays from the sun. Reduction in UV rays means a reduction of heat inside your house in the summer without sacrificing natural lighting. It also improves the impact window’s insulating properties and will help to keep your home warm on cold winter days.

Professionals Make The Difference

If you are thinking of installing impact windows on your home by yourself, you are making a mistake. Impact windows need to be installed properly to ensure both their protective and energy-saving properties. If you attempt to install them, you may not fit them right, which means they are vulnerable to both projectiles and could allow heat or cold to escape your home, nullifying the energy savings. If you want to be sure that your impact windows are properly installed, they need to be fitted by a technician who has the experience and training to make sure the job is done correctly.

Folker’s Can Install Your Impact Windows The Right Way

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