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11 11, 2018

What to Consider When Adding Sunrooms or Patio Enclosures


What to Consider When Adding Sunrooms or Patio Enclosures While renovating a home, most property owners overlook one aspect which can immensely increase its aesthetic. It is a sunroom or patio enclosure, which yields a higher resale value and increases its usability. You might be looking for sunrooms or patio enclosures that can create a tremendous difference to the looks of your home. But, do you know which suits your home, your needs, and your style? How to pick the right kind of upgrade depends on whether you want to construct a sunroom or convert your existing patio into an enclosed and permanent one. Let us first see how sunrooms and patio enclosures are installed, how much they cost and which purpose they serve. Cost of Installing Patio Enclosures Budget is the most crucial factor in deciding how your renovation goes forward. The first thing to decide for your room addition is whether you will be using it in only [...]

What to Consider When Adding Sunrooms or Patio Enclosures2019-01-15T11:53:29-05:00
10 10, 2018

Blinds or Shades? Which Offers More Privacy for Your Home


Blinds or Shades? Which Offers More Privacy for Your Home When you start shopping for window coverings, there are a plethora of choices. Adding to your dilemma, you might think that blinds and shades are the same, but differ in looks. However, these are the two completely distinct categories which you need to be aware of if considering window treatments. Choosing which product to use for your new windows can decrease 50% of your dilemma. Learning their differences can help you choose. Blinds and Shades - The Major Differences On the surface, these two window covering styles offer good privacy, depending on each style. Accordingly, price, the material used, operation technique and other features are different. Blinds These are horizontal slats of aluminum, wood, or PVC and other hard materials. They are highly durable and can be closed or opened frequently. In high traffic areas and where pets or kids can cause damage to the window covering, it is best [...]

Blinds or Shades? Which Offers More Privacy for Your Home2019-01-15T11:39:28-05:00
9 09, 2018

The Proper Insulation for Each Part of Your Home


The Proper Insulation for Each Part of Your Home Every homeowner knows how important insulation is in protecting them from harsh environmental conditions – the unbearable summer heat and the icy winter cold. Insulation moderates the temperatures in the home and keeps you comfortable. A well-insulated home will be covered completely, from the foundation to the roof. As a smart homeowner, you should know which types of insulation goes in which part and why. For Your Basement and Foundation There are many types of insulation, some which also offer termite resistance. Fiberglass blanket and roll type, foam board, loose-fill insulation is used for both old homes and new constructions. These are budget-friendly options. Concrete forms and blocks are used in new constructions, whereas sprayed foam insulation is the best for a finished basement. Insulating slabs on grade are installed around the perimeter with foam boards. For a new home, install the foam boards on the exterior or under the footing. [...]

The Proper Insulation for Each Part of Your Home2019-07-22T11:31:39-05:00
13 08, 2018

4 Cleaning Tips to Maintain Your Home’s Windows


You might be washing your windows twice a year, or at least you ought to. Even though it's not something you like, you do it promptly. Yet you're not happy with the way they look and don’t know where you went wrong. Not to worry. We're here to share a few hacks on how to clean your windows (and make them look clean). After all, we're a window company and have decades of experience in installing, replacing and maintaining windows. 4 Tips to Clean Your Windows Effectively Before you start cleaning your windows, don’t forget your sills. Firstly, vacuum the sills and brush off the dust and dirt. Use a towel to avoid drips while you clean the window. Remove excess water on the sill edges using a dry cloth. This prevents the formation of streaks. Stay Away From Heat Whether it's the weather or the water temperature, you must keep things cool. Use cold water and start cleaning only in [...]

4 Cleaning Tips to Maintain Your Home’s Windows2019-01-09T12:28:03-05:00
3 07, 2018

Do You Really Have to Spend Money on Replacement Windows?


Your house will always let you know when something is not right. This is especially true for windows because they are notably communicative. Do your windows refuse to close? Do they fog up? Or are they drafty? Do they get stuck when opened or shut down? If you see any or all of these symptoms, it's time to get them replaced. Well-maintained and high-quality windows generally last for more than 20 years. There are many factors that play a part in keeping the windows intact. If your windows have already crossed a decade, keep an eye open for the replacement signs. Here's a list of signs that should be on the lookout to know it's high time you changed your windows. 1. Repairs instead of replacement   Repairing is always an option if you do not want to replace windows uniquely designed to suit the framework of your house. Besides, repairs are cheaper than a replacement. Minor problems like worn-out [...]

Do You Really Have to Spend Money on Replacement Windows?2018-09-03T09:24:02-05:00
18 06, 2018

Peace and Quiet in the Home


The outside world can offer a lot of noisy interference sometimes. Some people live near busy interstates listening to the drone of highway traffic. Others, live in crowded suburban areas filled with the neighborhood kids running amok at all hours of the day. Maybe you're just not a fan of excessive bird song or bugs buzzing outside your window. We Don't Live in a Vacuum Whether we want it to or not, sound travels. Your neighbors will always need to mow their lawns, and somewhere there will always be an aspiring garage band practicing. But what if you don't want to have to hear about it? Is it possible to make yourself a impenetrable fortress of silence and zen-like solitude? Well, maybe not exactly, but you can certainly tame the outside world's noise if not conquer it completely. Luckily, there are a few easy to find and apply home improvements that can get you started. First and foremost, you probably [...]

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23 02, 2018

Must-Have Energy Efficient Home Improvements


Top Energy Efficient Home Improvements Your home is meant to be a place of comfort, but sometimes comfort can be costly. Thanks to recent improvements in technology, homeowners can add his or her personal touch to homes while saving money. Home improvement is the process of altering settings or features in the home, or adding or removing components as well. There are many improvements that can be added to improve the comfort, beauty, safety of your home, but here are the top energy efficient home improvements every homeowner should consider. Insulation Insulation is arguably one of the most significant energy efficient home improvements, as it enables reduction in the amount of heat loss or gain for the entire building. Thermal insulations are done to protect home in many ways. In the winter months, proper insulation saves a large amount of energy as heat is not lost so easily and the use of heaters can be reduced. Similarly, good insulation [...]

Must-Have Energy Efficient Home Improvements2018-03-07T10:00:53-05:00
22 01, 2018

Turtle Glass


Turtle Glass Window Installation in Navarre Beach, Florida The Folkers team recently completed an installation of turtle glass for a home in Navarre Beach, so we figured we should use the opportunity to educate our customers on the importance of this technology. Turtle Glass On average, sea turtles lay about 110 eggs in one nest and, once the babies hatch, they start crawling their way towards the ocean by following the moonlight. Unfortunately, with properties being built on beaches nowadays, the turtles often get confused by different sources of light. A simple outdoor light or even a reflection of another light source on window glass can be very dangerous for baby turtles, as they can start crawling in the wrong direction and leave themselves exposed to different predators. Standard glass windows reflect light from various nearby sources, thus creating a hazard for the wild life. To protect the turtles and enable them to reach their natural habitat after [...]

Turtle Glass2018-01-22T10:00:08-05:00
9 11, 2017

5 Energy-Efficient Features Every Home Should Have


5 Energy-Efficient Features Every Home Should Have The Home is beautiful when the overhead cost is not burdensome. This is one of the vital reasons for sticking to plans on installing energy-efficient features in your home. When you do not plan to save energy, then you have simply planned to pay heavy costs on your utility bills. Most indoor activity, in regards to the use of energy in homes across the globe, is basically premised on heating and ventilating. Heating and Ventilating Heating simply implies changing the temperature from being cool to being warmer. Most especially in the wee hours of the day and during the winter, heating is often required in homes across the globe so as to normalize the temperature. Besides regulating temperatures, heating is also required for cooking food, boiling water and other kitchen activities. Ventilation ensures that there’s enough air in the indoor environment. In addition to cooling, proper ventilation avoids contracting diseases associated with poor [...]

5 Energy-Efficient Features Every Home Should Have2018-12-03T17:09:39-05:00
26 10, 2017

Pros of Having a Patio Enclosure


Patio enclosures are beneficial in so many ways that it is difficult to decide where to start from. If you are trying to decide whether getting your patio closed up is a well-spent investment, you have come to the right place. Sit back and read why patio enclosures are totally cool and worth investing in. Closing up your patio space will give you more room and the perfect spot to host parties in. It sort of combines indoor and outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy the view around you while still being indoors. With a patio enclosures, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air without having to deal withthe weather or insects. An enclosed patio is the perfect space to relax in, read a book or have a cup of tea, without having to worry about the wind or rain while you're doing so. If you work from home, you will have a brand new office space [...]

Pros of Having a Patio Enclosure2017-10-13T20:46:37-05:00
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