Blinds or Shades? Which Offers More Privacy for Your Home

When you start shopping for window coverings, there are a plethora of choices. Adding to your dilemma, you might think that blinds and shades are the same, but differ in looks. However, these are the two completely distinct categories which you need to be aware of if considering window treatments.

Choosing which product to use for your new windows can decrease 50% of your dilemma. Learning their differences can help you choose.

Blinds and Shades – The Major Differences

On the surface, these two window covering styles offer good privacy, depending on each style. Accordingly, price, the material used, operation technique and other features are different.


These are horizontal slats of aluminum, wood, or PVC and other hard materials.

They are highly durable and can be closed or opened frequently.

In high traffic areas and where pets or kids can cause damage to the window covering, it is best to use blinds.

When any sort of mess is made, very less time is required to clean it up. Using a soft cloth or duster and a little bit of any furniture polish, clear the mess in a smooth wipe. There is no additional equipment needed to clean everyday stains.

Blinds lag behind in insulation needs- they don’t protect you from extreme temperatures.

Another feature of window coverings which you need to consider is safety. Most window blinds have cords which are not child or pet-friendly.


Shades are made of various types of fabric or their combination, which makes it less durable. However strong the fabric is, it will be prone to damage or snags when pulled.

In high traffic areas, with kids and pets, it will be difficult to keep the shades intact.

Cleaning up the mess and removing stains on the fabric requires an elaborate process. The window coverings have to be removed and reinstalled again after getting a professional clean-up. Even for smaller stains which can be removed with warm water, you might have to use a vacuum.

Cellular shades are special kinds of design, where the shades have air pockets which help insulate your windows.

Shades are available in many styles which are safer for kids, especially cellular or roller shades.

Pricing and Installation

Pricing of both blinds and shades depend on specific styles. Roman shades of high-quality fabric, combined with a motorized lift will be more expensive, whereas the basic style of roller shades are available from $20.00. They are more customizable. Blinds offer fewer custom options, and even with elaborate styles, they are cost effective than shades.

Coming to the installation procedure for shades, it depends on the style you choose. On the other hand, blinds can be installed easily and the process is the same for each style.

If Privacy Is Your Requirement

One of the main things to think of while deciding on a window covering is how much privacy you need. Also, light control is a very important factor to consider. Some shades have light filtering fabrics that allow natural light in, while providing complete privacy. Adjustable light control is the key feature available in most designs of blinds.

Pick Your Style

For a classy and high-end look, select roman shades in colorful prints, or stained wood blinds that enhance the look of your living or dining room. High-quality products from Folkers and Hunter Douglas provide much-needed privacy and light control. Whatever style you choose, our products include great designs that are energy efficient, with perfect form and functionality.