5 Reasons You Need A Patio Enclosure This Summer

5 Reasons You Need A Patio Enclosure This Summer

With schools letting out and temperatures soaring here on the Gulf Coast, it is clear that summer has arrived once again. After a jam-packed year, it’s easy to feel like summer has just snuck up on you, and you might not feel prepared for a season full of hot weather and soaking up the sun. This summer is sure to be packed with holiday get-togethers, barbecues, and impromptu nights with friends, and you may not feel like you have anywhere to host. However, you can be prepared for any number of events that might arise this summer by adding a patio enclosure to your outdoor space. Patio enclosures are a great option for cooling off from the summer sun and spending long nights outdoors with friends. Patio enclosures can even add value to your home when it’s time to sell. Let’s look at a few more reasons why you need to add a patio enclosure this summer.

Patio Enclosures Reduce The Risk Of Disease

While summer can be an awesome time to spend hours outdoors, a major downside of the season is that pests like mosquitos, ticks, fleas, wasps, and biting ants have returned in full force. Some of these summer pests can even carry deadly diseases. Mosquitos have been known to carry West Nile Virus and ticks often carry Lyme Disease. Spending hours out in the pleasant summer evening air is not as enjoyable when thinking about the risk of contracting a life-threatening illness Installing a screened-in patio enclosure is an excellent way to keep the bugs out, and the good times rolling.

Patio Enclosures Can Help Air Out A House

While it’s rare not to have the air conditioning on in the summer, occasionally power outages and other adverse events can knock out the chilly AC and leave you sweltering in an overheated home. The most effective way to cool down a house is to bring the outside air in and get the hot air out. A patio enclosure can allow you to leave the large patio doors open to air out your home, without inviting in flies and other bugs.

Patio Enclosures Add Much-Needed Summer Space

During the summer months, it seems like a house can get overrun. Kids are out of school, older kids come back from college to stay, and friends and family want to come to visit, especially in a town on the coast like Pensacola. It can feel like you’re running out of space to put everyone, which is where a patio enclosure can help. Having a patio enclosure essentially adds another useable room to your home. It’s the perfect place for al fresco dinners, afternoon games, or just a quiet place to go when there’s someone in every other room.

Patio Enclosures Make Your Backyard More Private

Sometimes you just want to be in the backyard without having to talk to any number of neighbors who are also enjoying the warm weather. While you don’t want to be rude, everyone has wanted to avoid conversation with an overeager neighbor at some point. A patio enclosure is a great way to add privacy by creating a barrier between you and your neighbors. They may not even notice if you are on the patio, as it can be difficult to see through screens and curtains.

A Patio Enclosure Can Save Your Furniture

Some summer days remind you of just how bright the sun is. Especially in the South, as the earth moves to be the closest to the sun it will be all year, sun rays start to take a toll on patio furniture. Having a patio enclosure can help keep your prized patio furniture from fading and discoloring during the summer months, saving you money and the hassle of having to buy new furniture.


There are endless benefits to having a patio enclosure, especially during the hot summer months when you just need a bit of shade. If you are looking for an affordable patio enclosure in Pensacola, Folkers Window Company is here to help. With over one million windows installed, Folkers has the expertise to make sure you get the best windows, and patio enclosure, possible. Contact us today and let us help give you the patio enclosure of your dreams!