5 Energy-Efficient Features Every Home Should Have

Energy-Efficient Home Features

The Home is beautiful when the overhead cost is not burdensome. This is one of the vital reasons for sticking to plans on installing energy-efficient features in your home. When you do not plan to save energy, then you have simply planned to pay heavy costs on your utility bills. Most indoor activity, in regards to the use of energy in homes across the globe, is basically premised on heating and ventilating.

Heating and Ventilating

Heating simply implies changing the temperature from being cool to being warmer. Most especially in the wee hours of the day and during the winter, heating is often required in homes across the globe so as to normalize the temperature.

Besides regulating temperatures, heating is also required for cooking food, boiling water and other kitchen activities. Ventilation ensures that there’s enough air in the indoor environment. In addition to cooling, proper ventilation avoids contracting diseases associated with poor ventilation like asthma. The traditional method of cross ventilation will serve to cut down on energy cost if the weather condition is not wet.

However, the use of ventilating technology is required in homes for improved security compared to the traditional method of cross ventilation. So it is proper to install an energy-efficient ventilating technology.

Here are 5 of the many energy-efficient features every home should have:

1. Energy-efficient Light Bulbs Energy-Efficient Features - Lightbulb

One of the energy-efficient features every home should have is energy-efficient light bulbs. One of the energy-efficient light bulbs is led lamp. Energy saving bulbs are fluorescent in outward appearance but are not the same as fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps require sometime to warm up before lightning thereby consuming a lot of energy. Energy-efficient light bulbs do save up to 25 percent of energy consumed by the traditional light bulbs.

2. Rechargeable Lamp

Rechargeable lamps are also very important energy-efficient features every home should have. It is needless having the bulb on throughout the night. You simply recharge the lamp during the day and switch on anytime it’s dark instead of keeping the bulbs constantly switched on.

3. Induction Cooking Stove

Cooking is an essential aspect of a home. But a lot of energy is often consumed in order to make food ready at home. This is why we believe an induction cooking stove is one of the essential 5 energy-efficient features every home should have.

Induction cooking stoves use an electromagnetic mechanism to convert electric current into heat energy with less energy being consumed. It will amaze you to know that induction cooking stoves reduce energy use by up to 60% while preparing your food compared to other cooking stove.

4. LED Television

LED TVs are very good at conserving energy. If you want to upgrade your entertainment center while cutting down about 35% energy use in your home, then choosing a LED TV is one of the best ways to go.

5. Energy Efficient Windows

Ok, we’re a little biased here but it’s true. Energy efficient windows are one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make towards reducing energy costs. According to Department of Energy studies, new energy efficient windows can save the average homeowner between 10% and 40% on their power bill.