5 Easy Ways To Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient

The weather is already starting to heat up here in Florida and as the seasons steadily march toward summer it’s time to start thinking about all the money, and energy you might be wasting as your drafty windows let the cold air out, and the hot air in. Here are a few money-saving changes to make your windows more energy efficient, helping to keep your home cooler and your electricity bill lower.

Install Awnings Or Shutters

Back before there were Air Conditioners or even refrigerators, the Floridians who were here before us, used awnings and shutters to keep the sun from heating rooms to near boiling degrees. Not only is this option one of the most affordable, with most awnings and shutters being available to purchase online and install yourself with minimal tools and labor, it’s also one of the most stylish options. Awnings are a great way to add a bit of color or texture to any home and shutters add a classic Floridan look without sacrificing the entire view. The best thing about this option is that your view remains mostly unobstructed but the sun is still kept out of the room.

Pick And Choose Repairs

Sometimes it’s not every window that needs to be ripped out and refitted. Whether it be broken panes, a rotted frame, or an initially shoddy installation, some windows are particularly worse for the wear. If you’re noticing that one room heats up more than others, or remains particularly drafty in cold weather you may want to consider replacing or repairing only the windows that need it most and save your money on ripping out all the windows. Repairs can sometimes be a lengthy and tedious process so doing as little as you can only to the areas that need it most can sometimes be the smartest and most money-saving move.

Get Out The Caulk Gun

A lot of the time, especially in older homes, windows are drafty or let out cold air simply because they are not caulked properly. A cheap and easy DIY upgrade is to get a high-quality window caulk and seal up the windows. Not only will it save you from having to replace them wholesale, but you also will save money on heating and cooling your home, as all that cool air will stay right inside where you need it during these long hot summers.

Install Storm Windows

Storm windows can sometimes get a bad rap. People remember them as clunky and not very functional. However, with modern technology comes modern improvements, and storm windows today are more stylish and functional than ever. Essentially they help you save energy by creating a double layer of insulation and keeping your house cooler in the hot weather. A huge plus side of storm windows is that by using them you don’t have to sacrifice any of your views to window films or heavy curtains. 

It May Be Time For New Windows

Sometimes you just have to face it. If there’s more air flowing through your windows than there is coming out of your vents, you may just want to splurge on new windows. The good news? A set of new windows may cost a bit upfront but they will save you a lot of money in the long run. Modern windows are designed to be energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and very well made so you won’t have to replace or repair them for a very long time.


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