What Are The Benefits Of French Windows?

French Windows have been around for over four hundred years as part of the French Neoclassical period in the 16th century, but they have been around for even longer in reality. The French took the idea from Roman antiquity during the First French and Italian War. So, you might say that French Windows are actually Roman Windows, but let’s not stray too far-off course. There are reasons that French Windows popularity has endured decade after decade. Let’s take a look at what are the benefits of French Windows.


Let’s begin with the most obvious reason that someone would want to have French Windows in their home, aesthetics.  French Windows serve a dual purpose in that they look like a window even though they function as doors. It allows you to flood a room with natural light. Adding a fan window over the French Windows really compliments the open-air feel.

French windows also allow you to admire a view even if it’s your own front or back yard. If you happen to live on a hillside or facing the Gulf of Mexico, having French Windows can let you enjoy the view year-round. Watching boats float along in the distance or seeing their lights at night makes having French Windows a true benefit to your home.

Air and Light

Speaking of open-air, on days when the weather is nice, you can open up your French Windows to let fresh air and sunlight into your home. Air and light act as natural disinfectants and can kill things like mold, mildew, and viruses. Periodically opening your French Windows will keep your house feeling and smelling fresh.

Energy Savings

One reason for the popularity of French Windows hundreds of years ago was their ability to light a home or office. Buckingham Palace has French Windows located all across the palace just for that reason. It’s not just a British phenomenon. Independence Hall in Philadelphia has French Windows for the same reason. French Windows allow you to flood a room with light as long as the sun is up; on some nights, they can allow a room to be flooded with moonlight as well. What does that mean for you today? It means you have to use less power to light your home and, therefore, a lower power bill.

Improve Your Home’s Resale Value

French Windows are a feature that anyone can enjoy and pair them with a great view, and it’s more than enough to entice a few extra dollars out of a potential homebuyer. So, if you are thinking of moving and want to add some improvements to your house before putting it up for sale, installing French Windows is an excellent way to boost your house’s value.

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