How To Upgrade Your Windows After Hurricane Season Ends

How To Upgrade Your Windows After Hurricane Season Ends 

Hurricane season can do major damage to your home, especially to your windows. Thankfully, the late fall and early winter marks the end of hurricane season. During hurricane season on the Gulf Coast, many homes that are not even near the epicenters of a storm still suffer damage. The realities of hurricane season often expose weaknesses in windows, which often require it to be necessary to make some upgrades. Let’s take a look at how to upgrade your windows after hurricane season ends.


Replace Normal Windows With Hurricane Glass

Windows made of hurricane glass are constructed so that they do not shatter into many pieces, but rather stay together in one big piece. This construction makes them stronger and easier to replace. Replacing regular shattered glass with hurricane glass is a great way to upgrade your windows after hurricane season ends.


Upgrade Your Hurricane Shutters

There are many ways to make hurricane shutters, and not all of them are created equal. This hurricane season you may have discovered that the hurricane shutters that were put in place to protect your windows did not offer as much protection as promised. Upgrade your windows after hurricane season ends by replacing your existing, ineffective hurricane shutters, with ones that are newer or made of a stronger material.


Get Ready For Cold Weather

With hurricane season ending in November, it is important to make sure your windows are ready for colder weather and assess whether or not they need an upgrade. An easy way to tell if your windows are drafty is to place a thermometer in each room, turn off the heat and see which room cools the fastest. The quick cooling process in certain rooms is likely the cause of insufficient window insulation. In this case, it is best to have a professional assess your windows, and make the necessary repairs. With this upgrade, you will not be wasting money heating rooms with drafty windows in the cold months after hurricane season ends.


Upgrade Your Window Locks

One of the best upgrades you can make after hurricane season ends is to upgrade the security on your windows. Windows are often considered the least secure part of any home, and even if they are reinforced with hurricane glass, old window locks can be easy for burglars to take out. New window locks are relatively inexpensive and are an upgrade that could save your home from post-hurricane looting or regular burglary.


Add Shades Or Sun Protection

On the Gulf Coast, hurricane season is often marked by heavy rainfall, cloudy days, and frequently overcast skies. While this weather may not be ideal for enjoying the fall season, it is ideal for keeping your home at an even temperature. However, after hurricane season ends and the sun comes back out, certain rooms can heat up very quickly and this inconsistent heating and cooling can cost you plenty of money on your electric bill. To solve this, you can upgrade your windows by using smart shades that are on a timer and block off the sun during peak hours that would normally cause your home temperature to rise. This even temperature will be a major upgrade on your electric bill.


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