How To Upgrade Historic Windows Instead Of Replacing Them

How To Upgrade Historic Windows Instead Of Replacing Them

Historic windows are absolutely beautiful but can cause many complaints. These complaints include the windows being drafty, letting in too much noise, or being fearful that the windows are too weak and may shatter if something happens to hit them. While these are valid concerns, historic windows hold tons of aesthetic and historic value, and can even raise the value of a home when it is time to sell. Keeping a historic home’s original windows is an essential part of celebrating the home’s history and keeping its original beauty of it alive. If you are thinking of replacing your home’s historic windows, here are a few ways you can upgrade historic windows instead of making a full replacement.


Remove Paint And Let The Historic Wood Shine

Many historic windows, especially in properties that are former rentals, have been painted over with layers and layers of the same white latex paint. This process completely diminishes the original beauty of the windows and creates a generic look. Instead of replacing your historic windows, bring back some of their original glory by using a heat gun or hair dryer to loosen and scrape away the paint. Just be extra cautious when using heat as historic windows are sensitive. A piece of wood or sheetrock can be used as a heat protectant to cover the sensitive glass.


Add Shutters For Extra Protection

One of the main complaints about historic windows is that they tend to be more fragile than modern windows, which can spell trouble during storms or hurricane season. A simple way to remedy this fragility, and upgrade your historic windows, is to add functional shutters on either side. These shutters can quickly and easily be fastened together from the inside during a storm to protect the fragile historic glass from shattering if a flying object should hit it.


Add Weatherstripping For Energy Efficiency

Another common complaint that causes people to want to replace their historic windows with modern ones is that the old windows are simply too drafty. This draftiness can cost electricity bills to be significantly higher to heat and cool historic homes. While historic windows may never be as energy efficient as modern ones, there are ways to upgrade them to be more energy efficient while keeping their historic charm. One of the main ways is to add weather stripping, which creates a weather-proof barrier on any surface of the window that has contact with the outside. There are many kinds of weatherstripping but the easiest to apply is self-adhesive and takes only minutes and a quick YouTube tutorial to master. Additionally, filling any gaps and cracks with caulk can help upgrade historic windows to be more energy efficient.


Soundproofing Can Help With Noise

Weatherstripping and caulking also go a long way towards soundproofing and upgrading historic windows. To further reduce sound, you could try using soundproof curtains, also known as blackout curtains, to absorb noise. Another great soundproofing option is double cell window blinds which use their unique shape to absorb the vibrations from soundwaves that are trying to enter through your historic windows. These small upgrades will help you upgrade your historic windows while keeping the original beauty of your home intact.


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