How To Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

How To Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

Hurricanes and tropical storms are a given here on the Gulf Coast. Hurricane season starts in the heat of summer in June and lasts until the end of fall in November. During these months, the chances of enduring a hurricane or tropical storm is almost guaranteed. Here are some important steps every homeowner needs to take ahead of the next hurricane season.

Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season: Windows And Doors

One of the most important home preparation steps involve the protection of your home’s windows and doors. This can be done with storm shutters, impact windows, or even plywood.
Storm shutters, sometimes known as hurricane shutters, are made of thick, weatherproof material that protect a home’s windows and doors from breaking under the immense pressure created by strong wind. Storm shutters aid in protecting your home against wind, rain, and debris, as well as deterring break-ins. Here are the top 4 styles of storm shutters.

These are the most traditional form of shudders.
Go next to windows on the outside.
Decorative and practical.

Propped open with sticks.

Easily pulled across windows.
Perfect for sudden storm scenarios.

Act like an awning.
Can be hidden in the off-season when not in use.

Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season: The Outside

As well as preparing your home inside with hurricane kits of food, water, and first aid supplies, the outside of your home needs to be well equipped to handle the incoming rain and wind.
Gutters And Drains

Your home’s gutters need to be cleaned and repaired. Ensure that all gutter ends and exits are unobstructed so that there is no clogging and overflow. Empty out all drains and make sure the drains are operational with a clear path for the water to flow away from your home.
Foundation And Roof

Check your home’s foundation and roofline for any cracks or signs of potential weak points. Repair any damages and note any potential problem points. Repair any roof shingles that appear to be not be sealed or broken. Check for holes in the roof or any points that water could seep in and create water damage or mold.
Air Conditioner

Cover your home’s air conditioning unit. Tree limbs, leaves, tree droppings, and other debris could clog or damage your unit, leaving you with a major expense on top of any other storm damage.

Ensure that all of your home’s edges, windows, and doors are properly sealed with a waterproof sealant. This protects from future water damage, mold, and weak points. Place sandbags outside against your home’s doors to soak up any excess water.

Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season: Indoors/Miscellaneous

Alongside preparing your home’s exterior, doors, and windows, a storm savvy homeowner needs to ensure that they have completed vital steps inside their home.
– Review and update homeowner’s insurance policy.
– Make sure you have a complete hurricane kit.
  • Extra batteries for flashlights.
  • Drinking water stockpile.
  • Fill bathtubs with water.
  • Canned goods.
  • Pet supplies.
  • Weather radio.
– Place all important documents and photos in a watertight container.
Preparation is key to surviving Mother Nature’s inevitable wrath. We cannot stop these storms from happening and destroying all in their path, but we can prepare our homes ahead of time. Using this guide on how to prepare your home for hurricane season, you should be a few steps ahead the next time a storm comes ripping through.
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