How To Prep Your Windows For Hurricane Season

With last month’s arrival of Hurricane Elsa down in South Florida, it is safe to say that hurricane season is officially up and running for the year. The Atlantic hurricane season runs in the Southeast from June 1st to November 30th, leaving coastal homeowners at risk of having their homes flooded and damaged for a major chunk of the year. Additionally, as climate levels rise and summers get hotter, experts warn that hurricanes will be more frequent and more powerful. So if this is your first hurricane season down South, or you are looking for a few new tips, here are some of the things you need to do to prep your windows for hurricane season. 


Consider The Best Protection Option For You

When it comes to protecting your windows there are plenty of great options on the market. From cheap plywood secured with bolts or brackets to expensive rolling aluminum shutters that can secure your windows with the touch of a button, there are endless options out there. What’s most important to consider is your budget and the level of effort you are willing to put in. Plywood shutters are cheap but are often cumbersome and require more than one person to put on, not great if you live alone.

On the other hand, high-end aluminum shutters are great if you have the money but cost a significant chunk of change that puts them outside the budget of many folks. There is also the option of replacing your windows with high-impact hurricane windows that are formulated to be impact-resistant. Many new homes, especially on the coast, already come with impact-resistant windows so be sure to check with the previous homeowner or building developer to know if this is the case for your home. Whatever your budget may be, know that windows are fragile and are often the only barrier to prevent your house from taking on water damage so they should be protected above all else. 


Eliminate Potential Threats

When it comes to protecting your windows, you have to look outside of them to assess any damage that they might take on. Before evacuating for a hurricane, make sure to clear your yard or balcony of any potential projectiles. Deck furniture, fences that are not secure, decorative globes, and other garden accessories can all spell trouble for your windows when high winds come and turn them into flying missiles. Be sure to also secure any piles of firewood and debris that may be lingering around your yard. Dead or loose tree branches can also spell major trouble so it’s best to cut those down as well. Clearing your yard may be a bit of a hassle but it will save you big bucks later on down the line.


Prepare Temporary Fixes

When a hurricane is coming, it’s best to make like a boy scout and be prepared. In this case, that means preparing temporary fixes for any damage that the hurricane may cause to the windows. Cleaning up broken glass immediately is essential, as well as having some kind of replacement window screens. Likely the power will be down which means no air conditioning, so keeping the airflow in your home or apartment is essential to avoid overheating.

At the same time, screens are important to keep mosquitos and other bugs, that would otherwise fly in through the broken windows, out of your home. In a pinch, you could seal up broken windows with plastic sheets and duct tape. But, it’s best to keep screens handy to help keep your home cool during the post-hurricane recovery. It’s likely that all of the local window companies will be very busy in the event of a hurricane. They may not be able to get to your home for weeks after the storm. These temporary fixes are essential to keeping you comfortable post-hurricane. 


Don’t Tape Your Windows

One of the big myths of preparing your windows for a hurricane is using duct tape to make X shapes on your windows. By doing this, you prevent the glass from shattering into small, manageable shards. This causes it it to break into large, heavy projectiles that can do a fair amount of damage. Keep the duct tape off the windows. Instead, invest in some form of outside protection to keep the windows from breaking in the first place.


If you are looking to upgrade your windows to help them last through hurricane season, or need windows replaced because of damage that may have occurred during a storm, look no further than Folkers Window Company. We offer custom top-of-the-line windows, as well as storm shutters. If you want to protect your windows from this impending hurricane season, call or visit Folkers Window Company today.