How To Make Any Room Feel Brighter

So many houses have one room that is too dark; it’s not inviting and everyone stays away from it. Maybe it doesn’t have many windows or the windows are too small for enough light to get in. Whatever the reason, it’s time to fix your dark room. And with a few simple changes, you can transform it into a bright sunny space that may just become your new favorite room. So, let’s see what’s needed to make any room feel brighter.

Look On The Bright Side 

When transforming a dark, windowless room, it’s important to keep paint colors, furniture, and accessories in a light and bright color scheme. Neutral colors like cream, light blue, and light warm grey look beautiful on the walls of dark dingy rooms. It can also help to choose a satin or glossy finish to reflect what little natural light there is. It’s also important to use furniture pieces that feel light and airy as opposed to solid and stocky.

Brightening a room up doesn’t just involve adding paint and new furniture. You can also add artificial light with lamps or new overhead lighting. Lamps are a great, cost-effective way to brighten up a room, with many online or available second-hand for a fraction of the price of a lamp that you may find in store.

When selecting a lamp make sure to pick something that is big enough to cast a good amount of light but is still bright and reflective, not a heavy dark lamp with a large shade that will bring down the bright aesthetic of your room. 

Reflection Is Key

Mirrors and shiny objects are your best friend in brightening up a dark room. One of the best hacks is to place a hanging wall mirror directly opposite any window to create the look of a second window. Additionally, glass and bright metal accessories and furniture will help light bounce around the room. Metal and glass lamps are a great way to create this effect, especially after dark. 

Keep It Minimal 

Nothing makes a room look darker and more confused than lots of big heavy furniture and clutter. To brighten up your room, pare down the furniture to the essentials that you need. Add one or two pieces back in and enjoy a room that stays permanently clean with very little effort. 

Reframe Your Vision

Lastly, sometimes it’s just impossible to fake the look of a bright, big, bank of windows. If this is the case you may want to consider adding in a few windows. It may sound like an overwhelming project but there are plenty of experts who will help you pick the right windows or even doors for your dark and dingy room. Whether it be a few small windows or one big picture window, adding natural light to your room is a fantastic way to make sure that you are enjoying it to its fullest potential.

Folkers Can Help You Brighten Any Room

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