How To Choose Between French Doors And Sliding Doors

Both french doors and sliding doors are a great way to let in light. They are stylish and make a home’s backyard, patio, or balcony entrance a focal point.  But, with countless varieties of these two options, it can be hard to figure out which one will look right. There are plenty of factors to consider, from aesthetics to function, to the kind of use they will be receiving, to the price point that you are comfortable with. If you are feeling stuck trying to figure it out, keep reading this guide on how to choose between french doors and sliding doors.

The Case For French Doors

To put it simply, French doors are often the more aesthetically pleasing option of the two. Sliding doors tend to look simple and utilitarian. French doors can fit seamlessly into historic homes. They also add a bit of classic charm to a home that is otherwise lacking in it. French doors also have a wider variety of customization options that can help them fit seamlessly into the home. The size of the panels, as well as the color of the wood and handles, can all be customized to create a style that perfectly matches the style of the home that they are being installed in.

French doors have a wider opening that allows for better ventilation during months where you may want to let outdoor air in. Fresh air is essential to keeping a home from becoming stuffy. Good air circulation has even been shown to reduce the chances of contracting COVID in indoor spaces. The wide opening that french doors provide is a great way to let the outside in and create a space that feels larger than it already is, with tons of natural light and fresh air.

Why You May Prefer Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are often thought of as the more simple, utilitarian cousin of the glamorous and stylish french doors. Even so, sliding doors may save you a pretty penny. Both the doors themselves and the door installation are a fair amount cheaper for sliding doors than with french doors. The upkeep is also cheaper, as many repairs can be done by the homeowner.

Where sliding doors falter is in the styles and amount of ventilation they provide. Sliding doors are often only available in a limited number of styles that may not match every home or add much aesthetic value. Additionally, most double sliding doors only open halfway so ventilation can be decreased in comparison to french doors. However, sliding glass doors have the major benefit of often being fitted with screens to keep the bugs out and the fresh air coming in.

Are There Any Alternatives To Sliding Or French Doors For Patios?

While these two may feel like the only options, there are actually a few others on the market. These options are often more aesthetically interesting but can be much pricier than either french doors or sliding doors. One interesting alternative is folding or accordion doors. These doors can provide much more open air space, folding closed to open up a huge space that is perfect for indoor-outdoor living.

Another interesting alternative to sliding doors and french doors is rollup doors. These glass doors function similarly to a garage door, seamlessly rolling up and away, letting the outdoors in. As with folding doors, this garage door style option is much more expensive and customized than standard sliding or french doors, but can be worth it if you are looking for a unique alternative.

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