Folkers Is Here To Help

Hurricane Sally

Folkers is dedicated to providing the best possible service on every job, regardless of size. Recently, Hurricane Sally put our hard-working employees to the test and they excelled (as they always do).
No one expected the devastation we received from Hurricane Sally, but Folkers is still here, helping homeowners and businesses get back on their feet as fast as possible. The insurance checks are coming in and Folkers have provided a lot of information, quotes, and expertise to our Gulf Coast neighbors.
We always say this, and it still rings true … “Folkers is here to help our neighbors”.
One way we can do that is to move those with damage to their homes to the front of the installation line, reducing the normal lead time, while helping folks to get their homes sealed up as quickly as possible.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. We have a contact form that makes reaching out to us super fast and easy. We’ll make sure to have someone reach out to as soon as possible to answer all of your questions.