6 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Windows

6 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Windows

Historic windows look beautiful, but oftentimes need to be replaced due to damaged wood, or the desire to save money and install more energy-efficient windows, which means it is time to find a creative way to upcycle these beautiful old windows. Historic windows typically allow for greater noise pollution, and many people end up replacing and upcycling them to keep the outside noise out. While historic windows add original charm and value to a home, replacing and upcycling them is sometimes a necessary evil. After historic windows have been replaced, it seems a shame to toss perfectly good, beautifully constructed windows in the trash. If you’ve held onto your historic windows and are looking for a perfect project to upcycle them, here are 6 ways to upcycle your old windows.


Upcycle By Creating Custom Picture Frames From Old Windows

This is often the most obvious idea, but is a beautiful way to add historic charm and save some money on picture frames. Professional framing can cost up to 200 dollars a foot, and supposedly cheaper options from big box stores can still cost $30-40 for a mass-produced frame. Standard windows are generally 2 feet by 3 feet and can show off a variety of smaller pictures or one large picture, making this a perfect money-saving upcycling project. You can upcycle the old windows by using wood as a backing board or just tape the pictures you want to frame to a piece of white foam board and attach it to the old window frame with hot glue.


Make DIY Faux-Stained Glass Out Of Old Windows 

DIY faux stained-glass panels are an excellent way to upcycle old historic windows. Simply print out a coloring book page or paint-by-number style drawing and trace the black lines onto the window with a window paint marker. Go over those lines with black puffy paint on the inside of the window glass. After creating the black outline of the faux stained glass, you can fill in the colors with a mixture of clear glue and acrylic paint. Thinning the paint with clear craft glue allows the light to shine through like real stained glass.


Turn Old Windows Into A Greenhouse

If you have outside garden beds that need protection from hungry rabbits, deer, and other animals, you can upcycle your historic windows by making a small greenhouse. To create this simple upcycling project, use hinges to attach the windows to a raised garden bed to make a sort of hinged lid. This upcycling project allows you to use your old windows to maximize heat during colder gardening weather and keep animals out of your garden bed.


Sell Old Windows Online

You would be surprised how in demand historic windows are! A perfect way to upcycle your old windows is to pass them off to someone who will in turn upcycle them by using them into an interesting art piece or even upcycle them as replacements for their historic windows that have been damaged. You can list your historic windows on sites like Etsy, eBay, and Facebook marketplace, or post them on a neighborhood sharing app for this simple upcycling hack.


Add Interest To A Boring Mirror With An Old Window Frame

If you want to upcycle your historic windows and create a unique art piece or vanity station, you can use hot glue or caulk to attach a mirror that is roughly the same size as the frame to its backside. If you don’t like the gaps this creates, you can use a slightly smaller mirror and attach it to the wooden grilles of the window. This simple upcycled mirror has tons of historic charm and looks great in an entryway or on a dresser.


Use Old Windows To Create Organization

 Another great way to upcycle old windows is by turning them into chalkboards. Simply attach a piece of wood that has been painted with chalkboard paint to the backside of the window and you have a unique, upcycled, chalkboard that is perfect for organization. You can use the historic wood window grille to divide the chalkboard into days of the week or make a section for each member of your family.


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